"Twice the Ice" Authorized Distributor

Georgia Ice Houses, LLC, is the Middle and Northern Georgia and Northern Alabama sales distributor for Ice House America®, LLC products. Ice House America manufactures patented ice vending machines in its 170,000 square foot facility in Moultrie, GA. Currently, the company has active or pending dealerships in 25 states in the U.S., Caribbean, Australia, and Brazil.

It is the mission of Ice House America® to revolutionize the production and sale of recreational ice through the introduction of a self-contained ice plant that produces, stores, bags, and sells ice utilizing a vending machine concept. The result will be the ability to provide consumers worldwide with a better ice product, at a lower cost and more efficiently than ever before.

The mission of Georgia Ice Houses, LLC, is to find investors who are interested in owning and operating ice vending machines in Georgia and Alabama and to provide excellent customer service through technical training, warranty support, and ongoing technical support.